This is Whole Human, Whole Life Training
for Women

If you want to Build a stronger body, break through your biggest inner limits, and love the way you look–Then my friend, You are in the right place.   
  Here you’ll find traditional no-frills strength training that helps you realize your Body’s Potential and connect to the powerhouse that already lives inside you. 

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Quick Start Guide:Four Foundational Strength Movements

I'm Elizabeth Wipff,
Veteran Strength & Conditioning Coach,
Movement Educator, and
National Champion
Olympic-style Weightlifter.

I’m on a mission to demystify strength training for women who want to get in the gym but just don’t know where to start.

Since the early 2000’s, I’ve been a teacher of a variety of fitness modalities – yoga, CrossFit, and strength training – and what I’ve found is this: strength training for women is wildly misunderstood. Especially for anyone over the age of 40.

But here’s the thing – when you lift a weight you never imagined you could lift and understand how to build strength, you straight-up change your life. Because what you learn in those moments awakens you to what you’re really capable of.

I’ve experienced this myself – as someone who became an Olympic Weightlifter and National Champion over the age of 40. And I’ve witnessed enormous transformations in the many people I’ve trained over the past decade.

Work With Me

My programs  empower women to take charge of their own training by teaching fundamental training principles, sound movement, and clear, powerful mindset shifts so they can become the architects of their own fitness futures.

Fall 2023 Schedule

2-hours of Strength Training basics. 

November 12, 2023


An in-person, 12-week group training experience for curious movers and movement educators who want to build community while they learn to strength train.

Transform Your Body. Shift Your Mindset. Feel Stronger Than Ever.

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